As a producer of innovative glass structures, we are offering stylish and practical solutions for your interiors. Glass is one of the most beautiful and the most versatile materials, thanks to which it is suitable for many application when designing interiors of modern architecture.

Based on this material, we create not only integral glass structures, but also impressive elements of interior decoration, such as:

  • glass shelves,
  • niche doors,
  • tabletops,
  • glass partitions,
  • glass visors,
  • cabinet doors,
  • other glass accessories.

Moreover, we embed mirrors into the glass structures, which, when reflecting light, provide more light for the room and give the impression of additional space. This impressive element adapts to stylish as well as to modern interiors, increasing their attractiveness. Glass mirror frames are an unusual solution, entering the newest trends of global design. As part of this product range, we are proposing mirrors with any dimensions and shapes, in silver, graphite, blues, green or brown, and with different thicknesses of 4, 5, 6 mm, depending on the area of the mirror.

We deliver and install mirrors for all rooms and niches, and we also make mirrors that cover entire walls.


Sample projects